Tatha Gallery, Newport-on-Tay, Fife

25 Aug - 22 Sept 2018


The aim of this exhibition is to showcase the work of Scottish contemporary artists many of whom will not have had the opportunity show with us before now.  We felt it very important to open up the programme to this exciting group thus sharing their art and ideas and introducing it to a new audience.

The VAS Annual show in the Royal Scottish Academy buildings in Edinburgh always creates great excitement where applied arts can be seen alongside installation, film, painting, jewellery, printmaking and sculpture. We are excited to see what this exhibition will bring and we do know that it will be wonderfully unpredictable - full of fresh, fizzing ideas and rich with talent.  



 Photograph by Stacey Bentley

Photograph by Stacey Bentley


Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

21 Sept - 27 Oct 2018


Winner of our 2018 Exhibition Award at Visual Arts Scotland, Tina MacLeod will showcase her contemporary jewellery for the first time at the Open Eye Gallery . The 'Lorg' series, meaning 'discovery' in Scottish Gaelic, presents a collection of bespoke brooches and rings crafted with forms of fallen twigs and driftwood gathered from specific places along the Hebridean strandline. Accompanied with textured metals, these pieces represent a connection to place and the importance of touch. The precious metal techniques used produce delicate but deliberate layers of surface texture, conveying a sense of the ephemeral nature of the coastal environment of the West Highlands of Scotland.